About us

Health Physics Society – Taiwan Chapter (HPS-TW) is one of the branches of Health Physics Society. It was officially established on May 15, 2004.

The purpose of the Society is to promote the development of science and technology related to radiation effects and radiation protection knowledge through conferences, meetings and publications.

The missions of HPS-TW include:

(1) Encouraging information exchange between people in the field of radiation protection or related.

(2) Improving the public's understanding of the issues and needs regarding to radiation protection.

(3) Providing an open communication channel between members of the local chapter and Health Physics Society.

(4) Strengthening the links between the members of the Society.

(5) Participating in international activities that meet the purposes of the Society.


Contact Information


Daniel Liu

15F-1, No. 295, Sec. 2, Kuang-fu Rd., Hisnchu City, 30017, Taiwan

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