Current HPS-Taiwan chapter Officers (the 6th)

Term of office: Jul. 7, 2023 – Jul. 7, 2026


Board of Directors:

Chairman: Tsai, Hui-Yu, National Tsing Hua University

Vice Chairman: Hsu, ya-Chuan, Nuclear Safety Commission

Executive Director: Wang, Jeng-Jong, National Atomic Research Institute


Shih, Chien-Liang (Retired)

Yuan, Ming-Chen, National Atomic Research Institute

Liang, Tien-Jui, Taiwan Power Company

Sheu, Rong-Jiun , National Tsing Hua University

Yang, Bang-Hung, Taiwan Veterans General Hospital

Liao, Chia-Chun, Nuclear Safety Commission


Executive Supervisor:

Liao, Ruei-Ying, Taiwan Power Company

Supervisor: Yin, Hsueh-Li (Retired)

Tu, Jo-Ting, Nuclear Safety Commission


Secretory: Huang, Ju-Chuan, Nuclear Safety Commission


Past HPS-Taiwan chapter Chairman

Term Chairman Affiliation
7th (2020-2023) Shih, Chien-Liang (Retired)
6th (2017-2020) Teng, Shi Ping (Retired)
5th (2014-2017) Teng, Shi Ping National Tsing Hua University
4th (2011-2014) Chu, Tieh Chi Nuclear Information Center
3rd (2008-2011) Chu, Tieh Chi Nuclear Information Center
2nd (2005-2008) Weng, Bau Shan  Radiation Protection Association
1st (2004-2005) Weng, Bau Shan  Radiation Protection Association


Affiliate Members of the Health Physics Society

Affiliate members are those organizations whose interests in the field of radiation safety warrant a formal working relationship with the Society.


List of Affiliates


Nuclear Safety Commission

National Atomic Research Institute


 Taiwan Power Company


Radiation Protection Association R.O.C.


Nuclear Information Center



If you would like information about becoming an Affiliate Member, please send an email to the HPS-TW: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .