Taiwan Chapter

Wei Chen, HPS-TW Newsletter Editor

2018 Annual Meeting

On June 7, the Health Physics Society - Taiwan Chapter (HPS-TW) held her 2018 annual meeting in Taipei, Taiwan at the auditorium of Atomic Energy Council. Although the weather forecast showed a Typhoon might approach during the week, the weather was surprisingly good on the meeting day. This encouraged more people to attend this annual gathering.

The topic of this year’s meeting focused on D&D (Decontamination and Decommissioning). The topic also responded to the first and coming decommissioning process which will be starting right after unit 1 of Chinshan Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) permanently shut down at the end of 2018. To meet this challenge, the HPS-TW invited the President of HPS, Dr. Eric W. Abelquist to be the keynote speaker. He accepted the invitation immediately.

With the great honor of Dr. Abelquist visiting Taiwan chapter, Atomic Energy Council (AEC) also took this opportunity to hold a panel discussion regarding D&D and invite him to join in the morning of June 7. After the panel discussion, the HPS-TW annual meeting was held in the afternoon, with 27 Taiwan chapter member (including 3 HPS member) and 63 non-member attendees. HPS-TW arranged three D&D related speeches: “An Introduction to MARSSIM”, “Decommissioning Status of Taiwan Research Reactor and Chinshan, Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plants”, and “Experience in removal of a radiation-contaminated building”, which were presented by Dr. Eric W. Abelquist, Dr. Cheng-Hong Lee, and Dr. Hong-Ming Liu, respectively.

For appreciating Dr. Abelquist traveling far away from Tennessee to Taiwan, HPS-TW prepared a porcelain for him as a token of the gratitude. As always, the meeting not only provide opportunity to exchange information/experience but also meet friends and colleagues. Additionally, those who attended the full program were able to receive re-education credits.


The HPS president visited Atomic Energy Council, R.O.C. Left to right, Wen-Shi Liu, Shi-Ping Teng, Eric W. Abelquist, Huei-Min Tsai, Szu-Li Chang, Tai-Chin Liu. Photo courtesy of HPS-TW.


HPS president, Dr. Eric W. Abelquist, took a group photo with all attendees at 2018 HPS-TW annual meeting. Photo courtesy by HPS-TW.


Gifting ceremony at 2018 HPS-TW annual meeting. Left to right, Dr. Shi-Ping Teng, and Dr. Eric W. Abelquist. Photo by HPS-TW